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14mm vs 35mm vs 85mm for Road Digital Photography: Which Lens Is Best?

Because road photographers are constantly discussing which lens is best to capture candid scenes as well as street portraits, Pierre T. Lambert chose to put a couple of to the test. In the listed below video Lambert compares the Sony 14mm f/1.8 Vs. 35mm f/1.4 Vs. 85mm f/1.8 to see which prevails for street digital photography.

"Today we have actually got an unique test/challenge. Today I'm shooting the very same place with 3 different lenses," he says. "The initial one is going to be the 14mm f/1.8. I'm mosting likely to have five minutes to walk around the same block and shoot."

Lambert after that repeats the same street digital photography lens test with the two others as a comparison.

"Okay, I'm very all set for this since I'm actually curious to see exactly how differently I will develop in between a 14 to a 35 to an 85 in the exact same area," he notes. "And also I'm interested to see those images as well as exactly how my eye will certainly transform with the different lenses."

What's nice concerning Lambert's street image lens test is he places the video camera on his body, so you see the shootout from his POV. It makes you seem like you're ideal on the street with him testing out each lens, practically like a video game.

Check it out listed below to find out which of these 3 lenses he favors. Obviously, like much of these lens comparisons, it's truly a matter of preference.

If you like your street pictures vast, opt for the 14mm as well as if you like them a little more detailed, such as for portraits, try the 85. And also if you desire something right between, the 35mm lens is a terrific choice.