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Discover the Winners of the Natural Landscape Photography Awards

This year, a new photographic competition was born: the Natural Landscape Photography Awards. This event aims to promote the most beautiful landscape shots, taken by photographers who realize an authentic and realistic work. Moreover, this is felt from the registration stage of the competition. Indeed, all participants must also provide the raw version of their photos, so that the judges can ensure that the rules regarding retouching were not violated. “We are aware that there is nothing to be gained by prohibiting all aspects of image processing, which is after all an integral part of our art. We will allow all techniques that respect the visual integrity of the image and the subject.” The goal? To offer a result that transcribes in image what the viewer could have seen himself. More than 1300 people from 47 countries participated.

More to discover on the contest’s website.

©Eric Bennet

©Paul Hammett

©Steve Alterman

©Franka Gabler

©Doug Koepsel

©David Swindler

©James Lane