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Do You Really Required an Expensive Camera to Take Great Pictures? (VIDEO).

Do you really require an expensive camera to take fantastic photos? That's the question portrait professional photographer Miguel Quiles deals with in the below video clip where he contrasts capturing with a Sony A7R IV, which retails for about $5400, with Sony's 24-70mm G Master lens vs the Sony ZV1, a portable cam that costs just under $650.

"What takes place when you take a photo from a 1-inch sensing unit portable cam and also put it up against a full-frame, 61-megapixel picture?" Quiles asks. "In this demonstration, we'll take a look at the results and speak about the broader subject of whether far better equipment makes you a much better digital photographer."

In the video clip, he shows two portraits side-by-side as well as asks if you can tell which one of shot with the expensive, mirrorless camera and which was fired with the pocket design.

"Among these 2 photos was taken with a $5400 full structure video camera setup while the other was taken with a $648 vlogging cam with a small one-inch sensor," he claims. "Look at them extremely closely. Which one do you believe was taken with the extra pricey arrangement, Photo A or Picture B?"

Watch listed below and see if you can tell which image was shot with which cam. The outcomes might amaze you as well as could create you to consider whether you ought to buy a costly camera with interchangeable lenses or just opt for portable, all-in-one version. Or, as Quiles puts it: "It's not about the video camera ... type of."