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How to Photo the Comet Leonard

After all the enjoyment we obtained last year from the comet NEOWISE, it's unsubstantiated that right now, there's another prospective naked-eye-visible comet screaming via the planetary system at 158,000 miles per hour.

If you missed out on the comet NEOWISE, currently is your chance to catch Leonard, which is visible now in the eastern skies right before dawn (if you reside in the Northern Hemisphere). However just how should you do it? What lens is best? And even better, just how should you process the images?

In this video clip, Walt Busby, that goes by Delta Astrophotography, has assembled what I believe is currently the very best guide to locate, record, as well as process images of the comet Leonard, unlike a lot of various other videos out there, which simply describe where the comet is as well as its overall trajectory. He has actually put in the time to thoroughly walk us through which electronic camera devices is proper, how to find the comet, as well as the appropriate camera setups to get the most worthwhile results. The most essential point in this video clip, nonetheless, is the processing. Almost every person that has an electronic electronic camera and also medium telephoto lens can try to fire this comet. However where many people will certainly be left behind remains in the processing. The good news is, he provides us a fast guide on utilizing Deep Sky Stacker and also Photoshop to combine and refine his real-world information on the comet.

Generally, this is a really beneficial video for anyone seeking to go out in the pre-dawn hrs and get some shots of this unique things. After Leonard travels through our planetary system, it will certainly be knocked senseless of its orbital trajectory as well as flung right into interstellar area, never to return. So, if you missed out on NEOWISE, don't make the same blunder! Go locate Leonard.

Scott Donschikowski is an expert digital photographer as well as educator with over 11 years of experience leading a selection of photo workshops worldwide. He specializes mainly in landscape, wild animals, and also astrophotography. He is likewise active on YouTube where he makes tutorials sharing his photographic understanding.

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