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Photography 101


Photography is an art form that requires an understanding of the human eye. In a photograph, the subject should be the main focus, but the background and foreground should also tell a story. The subject should be in the right location, alone, and not surrounded by clutter. If the subject is moving, make sure there is extra space in the frame in the direction of the motion. The human mind often fills in the blanks.

Photographs are usually made with a camera, which uses a lens to focus visible wavelengths of light onto a light-sensitive surface. The word photograph was coined in 1839 by Sir John Herschel, and is derived from the Greek words phos (light) and graphe (drawing). Non-digital photographs are made through a two-step chemical process. The negative image is captured on light-sensitive film, and the positive is then created by transferring the negative to photographic paper.

Photography has many applications beyond the art world. It is used in science, medicine, and other fields. Many scientific and medical research companies hire photographers to document their findings. Aerial wildlife studies, for instance, are routinely conducted in Florida to study the population of birds and manatees. Photographers are also used by insurance companies to inspect homes and buildings for damage.

Using different types of light can enhance the overall quality of your photographs. If the subject is moving, use a slow shutter speed to create a blurry image. A higher shutter speed will freeze motion. A photographer with an understanding of the different types of light and how to use it can create great photos. You can also practice shooting different subjects at different distances and angles.

The invention of cheap cameras made photography affordable and socially acceptable. Various styles of photography began to emerge. Snapshots became a common style of photography, while documentary photography was used to document social and political events. Art photography, on the other hand, was associated with artistic expression. The invention of cheap cameras also enabled the mass production of photographs.

There are several sub-niches within photography, and it's important to learn about the different styles before you decide on a style. Some photographers specialize in portraits while others focus on capturing everyday events. For example, a photographer who works as a product photographer has to ensure the food looks better than the competition's. Similarly, a photographer specializing in street photography will focus on capturing an individual's life in a photo.

Photography is an art form, which requires a mastery of exposure, shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. Changing the composition is another area of photography that requires skill. The photographer will need to adjust his or her position in the viewfinder and adjust the angle of the photo. If the subject moves, it can pose a problem for the photographer.