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The 50mm Lens You Choose Makes a BIG Distinction in the Appearance & Feel of Your Pictures (VIDEO).

There's much more to choosing a lens than focal size, maximum aperture, AF vs MF, as well as whether you're looking for a prime lens or a zoom. As a matter of fact, depending upon your style of digital photography and the feeling you wish to convey, an economical lens might be a far better option than high-end glass that's even more pricey.

It's not a shock that all lenses aren't developed equal, and today we're looking especially at those in the 50-55mm range. As you'll see, numerous choices have really different imaging features, consisting of comparison, bokeh, intensity, and a lot more.

In the provocative video listed below, Australian professional Peter Coulson contrasts numerous 50mm and 55mm lenses, from a costs Zeiss Otis 55mm f/1.4 worth virtually $3,500, to a rapid 7 Artisans 50mm f/0.95 that you can get for simply over $200. Coulson's contrast varies from the common bench examination examining different elements of photo high quality.

Coulson's method is everything about exactly how he interprets the performance of each lens in regards to feeling, feeling, and also it's value for aesthetic storytelling. And you may be surprised by his conclusions. He's shooting with a 50MP Sony A1 mirrorless camera, as well as the lenses in his assessment are focused manually.

As Coulson clarifies, optimum intensity "is less important to me than the appearance I leave a lens." As well as the selection he makes for one particular project isn't always the best alternative for shooting something various. Coulson's informal test is achieved with available light, as well as he did his ideal to keep "all points being equivalent."

We encourage you to pay attention and watch meticulously to see if you concur with his final thoughts. You may also save yourself saving a number of cash; depending upon the kind of digital photography you do many.

There are extra handy ideas on Coulson's YouTube channel and also in one more video we uploaded just recently, describing why an additional pro states top quality zoom lenses have an edge over huge, pricey tops for certain sorts of landscape photography.