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The iPhone Photography Awards 2021

For the 14th time, the IPPAWARDS (iPhone Photography Awards) rewarded the most beautiful photographs taken with an iPhone. Several participants from all over the world sent in their work. This year’s winners come from 17 different countries and their photographs were chosen from thousands of other entries. Hungarian photojournalist Istvan Kerekes won the Grand Prize, as well as the Photographer of the Year Award with his iPhone 7 shot “Transylvanian Shepherds”. It shows two shepherds, each carrying a lamb, standing in the middle of a dented dirt field, on which a thin layer of snow has settled. In the background, an industrial landscape can be seen behind the mist.

The first prize for the photographer of the year goes to Sharan Shetty, from India, for her image “Bonding” taken with an iPhone X, on which a man and his horse share a moment of complicity, trust, and non-verbal communication in an empty landscape. On the second step of the podium, we find Dan Liu, from China, with “A walk on Mars”, captured with an iPhone 11 Pro Max. As the name suggests, it shows an astronaut from afar, moving in a naked and rather atypical landscape that could remind the planet Mars. Jeff Rayner, from the United States, won third place with his photo “Side-Walking on Air”, taken on iPhone X. It shows a little girl wearing a mask jumping on a sidewalk, in a ray of light that casts its shadow on a garage door.

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