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Weekly Photography Challenge – Cold

Let’s revisit ‘Cold’ in a photograph.

Cold can be the lighting, it can be the scene, it can be how a photograph makes a viewer feel. What will your choice, and your photograph for this week’s photography challenge be?

Here are two of my photographs that I think fit the theme this week. #dPSWeeklyChallenge of #dPSCold (Make sure you include these hashtags in your posts either here or on social media or in our Facebook group… which I guess is social media and now I’m just rambling!)

Weekly Photography Challenge - Cold Out in the cold. London, England.
Weekly Photography Challenge - Cold The cold night air. Melbourne, Australia.

What will your choice be? Keen to see your photos this week as the weather starts to VERY SLOWLY warm up, here in Melbourne… (Now that I’ve said this, it’s going to be a freezing weekend!)

Have a good one!


Weekly Photography Challenge – Cold

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