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Weekly Photography Challenge – Golden Triangle

This week is technical composition challenge week here at dPS HQ, and thanks to Kevin, we’re going with the Golden Triangle! (See Kev’s work here)

This week use your hashtag #dPSWeeklyChallenge and #dPSGoldenTriangle in your post if you share on social media. Remember, this challenge is to push you to go out and shoot something new, not to dig into your archive and share something old – do your best! Oh and please try to keep it to a single image per challenge, two if you realllllly can’t decide.

Weekly Photography Challenge - Golden Triangle

Stealing a little from Kevin’s article below, click through and read the article, it’s a great guide! Then head out into the wild blue yonder (or grey very wet yonder if you’re here in Melbourne!)

What is the golden triangle in photography?

The golden triangle is formed by a line stretching from one corner of the frame to the other. Two more lines come from the other corners to meet the dissecting line at a 90-degree angle, which creates a set of four triangles:

Weekly Photography Challenge - Golden Triangle

As Kevin rightly points out, composition rules can be very helpful, but always remember: They’re guidelines, not actual photography ‘laws’ You should make use of them when they feel right – and ignore them when they don’t. Easy.

Looking at a gallery of my own images, I’ve used (loosely) the golden triangle in a few, I guess it’s just kinda part of my composition process – that said, I’ve certainly NOT used it in all images in the gallery (see below)

Weekly Photography Challenge - Golden Triangle

Anyways, fun exercise! So, you can share your photo for this week’s challenge in the comments below, or you can head over to our Facebook Group and share your photo in there.

Remember, these challenges are to help you try something new with your photography, they’re meant to be fun, so don’t stress, have a great weekend and see you next week!

Oh, made it this far? Let us know where you’re from in the comments section! Hello from Melbourne, Australia.

— Simon

Weekly Photography Challenge – Golden Triangle

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