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Which of These 2 Famous Photographers Took the Better Picture?

Lindsay Adler as well as Dani Ruby are 2 extremely widely known photographers, both admired for their innovative and striking portraiture and style photography. So, if you were to pit them versus each other in a shoot-off, that do you believe would win? This outstanding video does just that, and you will certainly discover a fair bit along the way.

Coming to you from V-Flat Globe, this excellent video clip pits Lindsay Adler and also Dani Diamond against each other in a shoot-off. Both photographers are well known for their work, but they both have different approaches. One of the most notable distinction is that Ruby generally photographs with natural light, while Adler is understood for her masterful command of artificial lighting from a single illuminate to complex multi-source setups. And while they both have starkly various methods of developing pictures, they both have total command of their respective approaches, and it is a real delight to watch them both job. And also beyond simply being enjoyable to view, you can find out fairly a lot by watching exactly how they each light, straight, present, as well as modify their photos. Check out the video over to see what Adler and Diamond created, and be sure to mention that took your preferred image in the comments!

Alex Cooke is a Cleveland-based picture, occasions, and also landscape digital photographer. He holds an M.S. in Applied Mathematics and also a doctorate in Music Composition. He is likewise a serious equestrian.

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